Broadchurch - The Final Episode: What To Expect In Episode 8

After another staggering episode, the conclusion of the hit ITV drama series Broadchurch is almost upon us. 

Here's what to expect in episode 8, which will be screened on Monday 22nd April, 9pm - 10.05pm on ITV


Episode 8/8

After weeks of speculation, the Broadchurch community struggles to come to terms with the truth about the events surrounding Danny Latimer's death, and the revelations threaten to prevent the dead boy from being allowed to rest in peace. Crime drama, starring David Tennant, Olivia Colman, Andrew Buchan, Jodie Whittaker, Arthur Darvill, Vicky McClure and Pauline Quirke. Last in the series.

Radio Times review
by Alison Graham

Stop all the clocks and switch off your phone. It’s HERE! A nation of TV crime fiction fans, who have combed Broadchurch for clues, red herrings and tell-tale signs will be in delicious torment because this is the last episode, when the identity of Danny Latimer’s killer is revealed.

When I interviewed Broadchurch’s writer/creator Chris Chibnall he told me that, with episode one, “we were very much asking the audience to take our hands and trust us, because we know what we are doing.” That was several weeks ago, and tonight we find out if the devotion of roughly nine million viewers to one of the year’s biggest hits has been repaid.

Everyone has his or her suspect (and Broadchurch isn’t short of suspects, oh no) and will be waiting to find out if they can punch the air and yell “I told you so!”

Source: Radio Times


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